Melt blown fabric machine fan maintenance and noise reduction methods

Correct maintenance and servicing is an important guarantee for the smooth and reliable operation of the melt blown fabric production line fans and for increasing the service life of the equipment. So here to introduce you to the melt blown fabric machine fan maintenance and noise reduction methods

Melt blown fabric machine fan maintenance

1. Maintenance and monitoring work

Strengthen the melt blown cloth machine fan state monitoring work. Do a good job of its daily maintenance and monitoring work is to ensure the normal operation of the basic means of equipment, workshop daily maintenance and monitoring of key equipment is to ensure the normal operation of the basic of the equipment.

2. Check the oil level and regular replacement of lubricating oil

Check whether the oil level is within the standard range after the initial operation. If the oil level is abnormally reduced, the cause of leakage should be checked and dealt with before use. After 500 hours of operation, the first oil change should be carried out, followed by one oil change after 4000 hours of operation.

3. Vibration check

Point inspectors should regularly monitor whether the vibration value of the fan is within the standard range. Monitoring position is before and after the bearing box vertical, horizontal, and axial position, and make relevant data records. Each time should be in the same mark point for testing, the previous data for comparison, and analysis.

4. Soundcheck

The normal operation of the melt blown cloth machine fan will produce a certain regular frequency of sound, often listening to screen out abnormal sounds when running. If there is abnormal noise, you can check the center of the pulley, whether the bearing is damaged, the rotor and rotor, rotor and casing whether there is contact friction, etc.

5. Temperature check

The temperature measurement points are the front and rear bearing box, fan casing, motor front, and rear bearings, and other parts. If the fan temperature is too hot, the possible causes are too dirty air inlet air filter, the too high inlet temperature, poor ventilation by blocking the sound insulation enclosure, too high oil level in the bearing box, too high viscosity, overloading of the fan, etc.

6. Motor current load

If the load increases significantly, it indicates that there is some kind of abnormal state during the installation of the melt blown cloth machine, and should be stopped to find out the reason.


Melt blown fabric machine fan to reduce the noise way

1.Sound insulation and noise reduction: To ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the unit, in the case of the original machine room, under the same infrastructure conditions, sealed acoustic windows are installed in the correct location all seals are used in the original machine room. Metal doors replace wooden doors, reducing the intensity of noise transmission from the plant room.

2. Acoustic and sound insulation: Although the sealing of the plant room prevents the spread of noise, the average absorption coefficient of the original plant room walls is very low, thus improving the reverberation effect. To reduce reverberation and save money, the walls and tops of the rooms in the plant room are treated with sound absorption and acoustic insulation to ensure that the operators in the room work free from noise. And natural ventilation is carried out when installing fans to keep the air in the room cool enough for convection.

3. Noise reduction and isolation: The radiated noise in the machine room of melt blown fabric machine is effectively controlled by the installation of mufflers.

4. Ventilation and noise reduction: Through sound insulation, sound absorption, and noise reduction treatment, the intended noise reduction target can be achieved both inside and outside the plant room. However, the heat generated by the unit during its operation in the engine room is large, and the problem of ventilation and heat dissipation in the engine room must be solved. Therefore, the use of window-type labyrinth mufflers, folding plate ventilation mufflers, and honeycomb inlet mufflers can effectively solve the problem of ventilation and heat dissipation in the machine room.


Post time: Nov-17-2022

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