1. The surface layer, the filter layer, and the bottom three rolls of fabric are automatically aligned and fed into the material. The contour is symmetrical and the ultrasonic wave is continuous blanking
2. The ear band can be automatically welded and cut by ultrasonic wave.
3.High-speed production, 100-110pcs per minute;
4.All electrical components of the equipment adopt international first-line brands to ensure the maximum stability of the equipment;
5.Adopt the first-line brand ultrasonic welding machine, high welding efficiency, good quality, stable and durable;
6.Modular design, installation and maintenance convenience;
7.Intelligent control, simple operation, convenient and other advantages;
8.Automatic stop alarm for abnormal equipment, early warning for material shortage, quick handling guided by human-machine interface intelligence;
9.The appearance is made of food grade stainless steel.

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Non Woven Flat Face Mask Machine

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