Suggestions for the maintenance and management of nonwoven equipment

We can now use nonwoven fabrics in many industries. The advantages of nonwoven fabrics are many, meeting the needs of users and not polluting the environment, so nonwoven fabrics gradually have good development opportunities in the market. The mass production of nonwoven fabrics can not be separated from the role played by nonwoven equipment, when using nonwoven equipment we need to do a good job of maintenance work, here I will share with you on the maintenance of automatic non woven bag making machine recommendations.
1. Raw materials must be stacked neatly and orderly
2. All maintenance, loose parts and other tools should be collected and stored in the tool box
3. It is strictly prohibited to place flammable and explosive dangerous items on the equipment
4. The use of parts should be kept clean
5. Equipment parts should be regularly oiled to prevent rust work
6. Before opening the equipment should be timely cleaning the product contact surface on the production line to ensure that clean, free of debris
7. The working area around the equipment should be kept clean and free of debris
8. The electric control device of the equipment should be kept clean and complete, and the chain lubrication condition should be checked regularly and lubricated for those who are inadequate.
These measures are the maintenance behavior that we should take when using the nonwoven equipment, which is very helpful to maintain the performance of nonwoven equipment, and we hope that you can follow this recommendation. The production efficiency of the nonwoven equipment is very high, and the guarantee of the qualified rate of the finished product is also very high, so now the nonwoven manufacturers are basically using the nonwoven equipment. Users interested in nonwoven equipment, welcome to my website to learn more.

Post time: Feb-09-2022

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